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Main business focus of 2R-Tec GmbH & Co. KG is the batch and high volume production of component parts of fiber-reinforced composites on the basis of recyclable thermoplastics and highly reactive thermosetting plastics.

A large in-house production depth reaching from layout of part, design of forming tool, tool construction, batch production of the fiber-reinforced composite parts up to surface refinement makes it possible to react in a flexible and contemporary way in almost each and every process step.

Automotive Interieur - Class A Finish

Automotive Interieur – Class A Finish

An up-to-date plant for processing of fiber-reinforced composites – together with our rapid forming procedure – facilitates an efficient batch production of large volumes and gurantees

highest quality resulting in a great advantage for our customers to develop new markets with these light, reinforced composites.

It is our target to develop, by constant improvement, more efficient manufacturing procedures with reproducible processes for batch production of component parts of fiber reinforced composites with thermoplastics and highly reactive thermosetting plastics as matrix.

In this connection we can lean on many years of experience in the field of fiber treatment, plastics technique, mould and fixture design and construction.

2R-Tec is resident in Germany, approx. 100 kilometers north of Frankfurt/Main, in Dautphetal (Hessen). This idyllic region is a stronghold of mould and tool design and construction as well as plastics processing for the automotive industry.

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