Lightly into the future with composites

The following branches of industry belong to the large variety of applications for fiber-reinforced composites produced in series:DSC_0177

  • Automotive engineering and vehicle construction (parts for interior and exterior, fuel cells)
  • Aerospace
  • Alternative energies (wind power, photovoltaics, fuel cells etc.)
  • Mechanical engineering (all types of machines, measuring technique etc.)
  • Medical engineering (devices, X-ray equipment, orthoses etc.)
  • Electronic industry (housings and covers of appliances, cables, boards, batteries, energy stores etc.)
  • Sport industry (sport equipment and accessories etc.)
  • Lifestyle industry (suitcases, writing utensils, frames for eyeglasses etc.)
  • Military sector (vehicle parts, antiballistic clothing etc.)
  • Building industry (carbon concrete, bridges, statically load-bearing parts and profiles)