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The technical fabrics such as glass fibers (GFK), aramide fibers (AFK) and carbon fibers (CFK) belong to the most well-known fiber-reinforced composites. The carbon fiber market is one of the most growing markets for future material technologies.


Moldings – Winding technology – Extrusions


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Molded parts made of carbon

In view of the technical necessity to design more and more light and sturdy component structures and to reduce increasing raw material and energy costs as well as emissions, fiber-reinforced composites are increasingly used as substitutes for traditional material. Increasing energy prices, higher environmental awareness and the technical necessity itensify the use of lighter, high-strenth material.

Light weight construction contributes essentially to a reduction of recources and energy consumption. Continuous fiber reinforced high capacity composites have a specially high potential for weight saving.


Carbongewebe – Glasfaser – Aramide

Exceptional position – carbon

  • original developed for space flight
  • used by aviation
  • helped the fast cars of Formula 1 to record times and safety
  • learns today to write, to calculate and to telephone


Carbon – the steel of the 21sth century

Due to the unique physical properties of the carbon fiber to which especially

  • highest strength at lightest weight
  • electrical conductivity
  • photovoltaic property
  • slightest linear extension in case of  warming
  • heat resistance up to 1600° C
  • 3D dimensional optical appearance

belong, the fields of application of these composites are constantly increasing. Due to the outstanding technical and physical properties of the fiber-reinforced composites, in particular these of carbon fibers, a very good growth can be predicted for this material. It can be described as steel of the 21st century. The image of the carbon fiber component parts (carbon) enjoys a good reputation by the consumers because of use in aviation, Formula 1, cycling etc., also for electronical appliances, and will conquer many fields of application in future. The lifestyle industry also uses the high-value 3D optics increasingly in connection with outstanding technical strength and light weight of the carbon fiber.