The finish matters

Different coating processes and paint systems are used based on surface requirements and batch size.



  • In-mould coating IMC
  • Coatings based on water lacquer
  • Solvent reduced paint systems
  • UV-hardening lacquers

For larger volumes the reversible process of dip-coating with UV paints which have an outstanding scratching resistance is an ideal coating solution with extremely short cycle times.

In case of small and initial batches as well as prototypes or big component parts up to a lot size of 300 pcs., application of paint by hand in a spray process should be favoured.


  • Direct coating in heated forming tools with in-mould coating
  • Coating of large volumes in spray process or dip coating
  • Labeling by pad printing in case of serial parts
  • Painting by hand (spraying) of small and initial batches

    Spritzstand für manuelle Beschichtung

    Spray booth for manual coating

automatische Lackierstraße für Großserien

Automatic coating line for mass production