Rapid Forming

High speed – in manufacture of composites

The rapid forming process is a process optimized regarding flow and cycle time for the production of fiber-reinforced parts of medium and large batch sizes. In optimum conditions of process, component and forming tool up to several thousand composite parts can be produced a day. In case of large volumes use of variotherm forming tools made of steel with automatic ejector equipment etc. is required. These variotherm tools are normally heated via induction and cooled back to the demoulding temperature with a liquid or gas cyclically to forming process. The extremely fast hot/cold cycle is the advantage of these very special tools.


Digital CNC cutting of fibers and carbon

An optimized and automatic production line from precise CNC pre-cut of the technical fabric, transportation of the fabric and the actual fully automatically controlled forming process is guarantor for reproducible production processes and high quality components made of fiber-reinforced composites.


  • Rapid forming offers extremely high productivity for batches and large batches
  • Reversible process with full digital control and documentation
  • Exact CNC pre-cut of fabrics or semi-finished products with corresponding fiber orientation
  • Digital control and monitoring of all parameters of the forming process