Ecological and economic advantagesUmweltbaum

Important aspects for the future are the ecological and economic points of view and the protection of raw material and resources which become more and more important even because of legislative initiatives (reduction of CO2 emission).

For the process chain from the raw material carbon which is available nearly indefinitely to the finished carbon component only approx. 25 % of power is required compared to the similar part made of steel.

In addition comprehensive and environment damaging antioxidation processes, e.g. galvanizing in electrolytic bath, are not needed.

Also the decreasing energy required for motion of lightway construction parts, used for example in vehicles, has a positive result on the total energy balance thus resulting in a significant reduction of the operating costs. A current example is the new Boeing „Dreamliner“ 50 % of which consist of carbon and needs 17 to 20 % less fuel due to the weight saving.

Maintenance costs will also be reduced by approx. 15 % by use of composite materials.


  • Suitable for large batches, but made-to-order
  • Favourable continuous production lines
  • Material which improves the products